Art Rooijakkers: ’I consider myself as a maverick’

“Everybody was there: Wendy van Dijk, Chantal Janzen, Martijn Krabbé, Ruben Nicolai – the whole dream team. Stupid maybe, but I’m still impressed. I got there between sta, as Brabant menneke,” says Art, who, with his nose in the butter fell. The entire team went together disco bowling.

Art does not think that the RTL-stars also were impressed by him. “I can’t imagine. I consider myself still as an outsider. That will probably always stay that way.”

RTL liking it good so far, continue to Art in an interview with the AD. “We’re in our honeymoon. As in a budding relationship, you will find still all be nice to each other, only later do you find out that your partner is still very hard to munch. But now we are mainly busy with making plans, develop ideas, develop programs.”

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