“A series can never be raw enough”

The roughness of the series, which is starting from Thursday in its entirety to view by Videoland, is not only in the amount of blood that flows. “It is all quite large, also in terms of language,” says Thijs Römer, who, with Achmed Akkabi is the cradle of Mocro Mafia was. “There is slang, Amsterdam, Arabic, and Berber interchangeably spoken. Also, it is quite raw and rough.”

The characters in Mocro Maffia go occasionally so violently, that He not everything at home dares to show. “I have thought a couple of times: o, that scene I don’t go to my mother.” The violence and the grofgebektheid according to Thijs a function. “That you will need, if this story wants to shape it. You need that in all the crudity.”

Peak days

For the actors Mocro Mafia is a party to. “It was good”, says Nasrdin Dchar, who is a bookkeeper Pencil plays. “We have turned up with an incredibly talented group of people. The atmosphere on the set was good, we had fun directors. The days that I on the set was that there are a dozen, were all peak days.”

That Pencil is very far from himself, it was for Nasrdin great. “Then you like to research, investigate, conduct interviews with direction, with each other, rehearse it, and in that way a character build. That is one of the coolest of our profession.” Pencil sees itself according to Nasrdin “not as a criminal.” “And that’s just fun. It is especially nice to have a world to dive into that is not yours and to be there to give them shape, to a character.”


Also, Robert High found it “fantastic” to Mocro Mafia. “I found it very fun because there are so many young actors to participate, which I find really fantastic. I find that this series also represents the future, what acting and what make. That was very inspiring.”

For Achmed Akkabi came with the series a dream. “I think every actor of the dream to ever own series. So the opportunity was really fantastic. It was at times also frustrating. Nights staying awake and get stuck in your story, but it was good.”

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