A rogue contractor? Laugh man!

The cheerful family Jungerius.

Wife Wendy teaches in the meanwhile Italian while they are in the file. Because no, neither she nor JC speak the language of the country where they bought a house for slightly more than 3 tons. A house that he is by the way not once had seen, when she the purchase contract signed. Laugh man. Rarely someone who is himself heavily in the nests has worked, as much as see you laughing as JC in the episode of I’m leaving tonight. No kluservaring, no knowledge of Italian, but man, man, man, what we have a lot of fun.

Surely it would be just too funny, that the hired contractor is a charlatan turns out to be. After seven months of not even applying for the building permit? To bescheuren. Sometimes I got a little bit of the feeling that JC and Wendy not real people, but were hired actors who cheerfully the rehearsed scenario for the camera would perform. That you are becoming a really by your money should go, your child is crying from misery to school must bring and cheerful a croissant and a cappuccino is enjoyed at the local coffee corner; it had simply occasionally something ongeloofwaardigs.

Almost always, I hold greatly of those adventurous families who already sappelend and floundering their dreams hunting abroad. JC and Wendy I loved just a little bit less. They laughed at me just a bit much. It almost had something arrogants. Because where you live if you have no job anymore, and the opening of the B&B annex appartementenverhuurbedrijfje leaves much longer than planned? And what do you mean, could first the highlighted contractor to be paid, and then just a new be hired? Was there somewhere stems in an old sock? Best AVRO/TROS, that I had anyway want to know, as a viewer.

The bad feeling about these two immigrants was worse when they finally have their first guests received in that one apartment that was ready in the mess. Rarely so little love in the décor of a droomstulpje in foreign lands. Where were the plants fresh herbs in the window sill, the bunch of wild flowers on the table? “I have two bottles of water is placed,” said Wendy still, while they are sparsely furnished bedroom (with two single beds made with militairgroen bedding. There was still no sierkussentje from) showed. Huh, not even a bottle of Italian wine to get your first paying customers to welcome you?

The poor people. They were there the next morning at the breakfast while a truck with a roaring engine just about on top of their glass of orange juice, a load of gravel came and solve… “this night I still a dog hear barking,” said the lady in question. “I don’t,” said JC, when he is ordered to go to eat, because the work had to continue. Really, I would be screaming, running.

“I don’t think I here the rest of my life, stay”, said the host at the end of the program. I think that he is that very good estimation. Guys, this is really nothing for you, so onderneminkje in Tuscany. Just simply go back to the Netherlands and somewhere in a hip loft speciaalbiertjes sit down to drink. Laugh! “Do you remember when we were in Tuscany a new life wanted to start? Man, what was that hilarious.”

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