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Van der Poel-Van Aert 1-0: European champion trumps world champion in the first mutual duel

Mathieu Van der Poel has the first duel with Wout van Aert immediately won over. The European champion troefde in the Berencross in Meulebeke-belgium the world champion in his first cross of the season. For Van Aert, it was his fourth second place of the season.

All eyes were in Meulebeke focused on Wout van Aert and Mathieu Van der Poel. The two tenors of the field were for this season together at the start. All in it took that long-awaited duel between the world champion and European champion but a good two rounds. The best start was for beloftenwereldkampioen Eli Iserbyt, then took Of Aert, for the first time in the jersey of new sponsor Cibel-Cebon, the heft in our hands. But it was Van der Poel who on a technical trail with lots of turns could make the difference. In two phases though.

The first gear of the Dutchman could Of Aert still undo, but when the next cartridge was the price. Van der Poel quickly had a lead of ten seconds to bite on a chasing group with Van Aert, Hermans and Iserbyt.

But it was bigger that difference is not. Van Aert continued to fight and kept the lone leader for a long time in sight. To Van der Poel for the first time without error by the sandpit drove and as his lead extended to fifteen seconds. Victory within. Mathieu Van der Poel – Wout van Aert: 1-0. In the final lap, reed Wout van Aert is still a strong way of Quinten Hermans and grip for the fourth time this season second.

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