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Fan of Flemish series? Then we have good news! The Divine Monster), the drama series to the eponymous trilogy by Tom Lanoye, is now available to view with the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

The Divine Monster) is a family saga about the downfall of a powerful Flemish entrepreneurial family, in a country that after a long series of scandals in a deep crisis is to get hooked up.

The misery starts with a jachtongeluk where the main character, Katrien Deschryver, her man for a wild boar keeps and shoots. Inadvertently gives them the starting point for a series of tragicomic developments that are her family meezuigen in an inescapable downward spiral.

Floating on the wave of public indignation that ultimately gives rise to the White march, the frustrated judge Willy De Decker a eenmanskruistocht against Katriens father, ex-minister Herman Deschryver, and her sjoemelende uncle, the flamboyant but uncouth tapijtengigant Leo Deschryver.

Simmering family conflicts come back to life and never processed the trauma requirements of their role. By their inner intersections with the political and economic elite of the country, the Deschryvers the symbol of everything that goes wrong in Belgium.

Well-known headings

Joke Devynck plays the lead role of Katrien Deschryver. Johan Van Assche, known from The Alzheimer case and The hell of Tangier, crawl into the skin of her father and ex-minister Herman Deschryver and Michel Van Dousselaere plays his brother Leo, a flamboyant tapijtengigant. Furthermore, you can also see Kevin Janssens, Marc Van Eeghem, Gilda De Bal and Vic De Wachter.

Director Hans Herbots, who also signed for the Extended weekend, The Treatment, The Spiral and If the dikes break.

The series includes ten episodes and was made in 2011 to see One.

Have you, when they missed, or do you want them again? The divine monster is now available in the Movies & Series Pass Proximus TV!

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