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The desire for security: The crypto-square come

The expectations by the end of 2017, and in the autumn of 2018, could not be more different. Over the crypto-investors ended the end of 2017, their Bitcoins, and the Ether in anticipation of a Ver-x-plying almost blind in shady ICO-pages, so today is the launch of regulated stock exchanges and financial products is to be awaited eagerly.

The numerous Scams and stock market Hacks as well as the Lack of ICO-success stories have driven the business most crypto investors into the arms of the traditional financial sector. Prefer the Bitcoin at the Bank as the new Hyper-Supa-Dupa-Coin on the own Hardware Wallet. Instead of following the Narrative of decentralization and the inherent “Cut out the Middleman” promise, forced the Re-centralization of crypto-market. The crypto-idealists or anarchists that like to push the tears in the eyes of Central, decentralized, don’t give a shit. The companies and financial service providers is clear: the control and financial autonomy, it is only the least of crypto-investors.

Regulation as a promise of Salvation

The big question these days is: How can I get an approval from the authorities, regardless of whether BaFin or SEC, in order to get a crypto exchange, a Fund or an ICO approved. The Blockchain-companies you may hardly blame. You have, with the exception of the decentralised stock exchanges, is simply not a choice. Authorities and investors to ask now regulated offers.

The Trend here is to be regulated at national crypto-financial products. It was a Stuttgart stock exchange would like to offer with the subsidiary with Sowa Labs this fall, a crypto-Trading App, or the other futures contract platforms for Bitcoin Futures on the other side of the Atlantic. The stamp “regulated” and “Made in Germany” are the best Marketing. Accordingly, it would not be surprising if Stiftung Warentest in the next few months, discovered the crypto sector.

More savings Bank please!

While the LBS Bausparkasse rock bands in their commercials they have a zeal of crypto-financial service providers according to a Sparkassen-Biedermeier-Image. To stay with the example of a crypto-App of the Stuttgart stock exchange, reflected in the simplicity:

Of the myriad crypto-currencies can be traded in units of four. The Private Key remains in the stock market. Different types of orders, there is not. To knowledge but the certainty of his Coins in a 150-year-old Institution in safety – convenient and user-friendly.

The problem of Confidence in the crypto market makes it boring, but trusted deals disproportionately attractive. For sheer Innovation in the crypto-Economy has forgotten the needs of the customers. The Crash is the uncertainty. Consequently, it is precisely this uncertainty that promises to be the best business.

It is the realism and pragmatism that stops in the crypto-Mainstream catchment. Contrary to some opinion, this is not a step backwards, but as a correction of unrealistic expectations, as they found the end of 2017 at its peak. The regulated and centrally organized crypto-quotes mark is much more a more decentralised interim step in the long term, always Offered. However, decentralized structures need more time to develop as a Central. In the meantime, more and more money through the hands of Fund companies and established financial institutions the way in the crypto-market. The development and progress of the crypto-Economy, this will not hinder it. Quite the contrary: The interest in the crypto-Economy in the natively-develop decentralized, distributed on more shoulders and is even more Curious delight. What are the training wheels for a kids bike, the regulated financial institutions for the crypto-sector, – one for the beginning of useful help.

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