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Stronger together: Hyper Ledger is fraternizing with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Of due to competition: With Hyper Ledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the two largest Blockchain-consortia have announced their cooperation. This should be carried out on Open-Source and cross-platform.

On 1. October have passed two giants of the Blockchain research. Hyper Ledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Aliiance (EEA), aim at a closer cooperation. Hyper Ledger and the EEA are committed to organizations, especially the development of cross-sector Blockchain and DLT solutions for companies. The two Blockchain consortia to work together closer in the future and hope to gain synergy effects.

The EEA puts the focus on Business networks, which are based on the Ethereum Ecosystem. For this Blockchain networks, the EEA intends to develop uniform Standards. The Alliance currently has over three hundred members. In the Board of representatives of renowned companies from various economy branches, including JPMorgan, Intel and Microsoft.

Also Hyper Ledger wants to bring the Blockchain and DLT adaptation in the company. The consortium, which was established by the Linux Foundation, can’t complain also about the lack of economic prominence in its Board of Directors: here, Too, bustle about, for example, with IBM, Fujitsu, and American Express, absolute gems. German companies: Deutsche Bank, Daimler and SAP, three of the largest DAX-listed companies belong to the (currently) 18 “Premier Members” of the Hyper Ledger.

AND, not OR

Hyper Ledger and EEA have sealed their cooperation, formally, you have added each other as members. Thus, they wanted to create the impression that the two consortia were competitors. In the joint communication of the members of the management Board Brian village and Ron Resnick behlen says:

“Our two organizations share similar objectives, such as the expansion and strengthening of the Community and the Adaption of company-related Blockchain technologies. We hope to be able to provide the Public, that everyone who has so far pushed a “versus” between EEA and Hyper Ledger is wrong; it is now definitively “EEA AND Hyper Ledger”

The collaboration will enable Communities on both sides to collaborate in the “tens of interest groups, working groups, Meet-ups and conferences all over the world, with hundreds of developers.”

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