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Start-up of Festival Bits and Pretzels: A little bit of Blockchain

At this year’s Bits and Pretzels, an event for Start-ups, sneaks up Blockchain applications. In addition to some of the specialist Panels and innuendo, Star-speaker, Jan böhmermann, joked about his personal crypto-Investment. Here are a few impressions, which we were able to collect at the Festival.

For the third Time took place from 30.09. until 01.10. the Bits and Pretzels on the edge of the Oktoberfest in Munich. For the first Time, we of BTC were-ECHO, to take the action under the microscope. Unlike the commonly visited by us events, the topic of Blockchain not stand here in the foreground. Who listened intently, certain of the Panels attended, and with the right people spoke, but still managed to take away a lot from the event.

Just in a personal conversation with event participants was to determine how wide the crypto-interest in the German Start-up scene is already. Many visitors are, at the latest, with the beginning of the boom in November 2017 with the familiar, a whole range of self-invested. One of the present founders had a self-designed Hardware Wallet.

Blockchain technology – a theme

Many of the Keynotes and Panels, the term Blockchain has been mentioned at least. Often, the technology fell in the triad with the Internet of things, on the one hand and Artificial intelligence on the other hand, as digital technologies of the future. In other cases, viewers helped questions to the speakers on the jumps.

In the Panel of the new banking and Fintech”Unicorns” N26 and Monzo, the founders of the two companies were raised on a possible crypto-functionality. Competitor Revolut offers already for some time in the crypto-scene controversial option to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Jonas Huckestein of Monzo responds with a “Oh, the Crypto-Question”. He is of the opinion that there should be, for reasons of sustainability, not a crypto-function Monzo. Also Maximilian Tayental of N26 is not committed to Cryptocurrencies and explained that currently other functions of their users be required, and as a result, digital currencies are not yet on your Roadmap. The answers, however, indicate at least that both are more frequently confronted with the issue faced.

Satirist Jam Bohemian man took advantage of the topic, a few laughs rake in the cash. On his best Investment raised by the entertainers Bitcoin mentioned. So he had bought for 18,000 Euro in Bitcoin and in its Mobile-Wallet transfers. As he noted after only a few months ago that Bitcoin was only worth half, he rubbed its eyes in astonishment. He didn’t know that crypto-currencies work like a Tamagotchi, and require constant care.

The two Trends? Games and porn

Although the crypto-topic was frequently mentioned by the way, there were also specially designed Slots. At the Panel discussion “Emerging Trends in Crypto” about discussed ConsenSys-CMO Amanda Gutterman with block state CEO, Paul Claudius, and Jim Jorgensen, Co-Founder of the Consumer Coin. This gutter man is convinced that in the long term, more and more institutional investors are entering the crypto market. “Companies also want to keep digital Assets,” Gutterman sure.

In addition to various Blockchain applications for music producers or journalists, you see two current Trends: Games and porn. Hopefully, Gutterman, will transform these two fields of application, “Nocoiner in the Coiner”. Also the difficulty of the crypto kitties of the Ethereum-prepared Blockchain doesn’t see you as a challenge.

As a supporter of Ethereum Amanda Gutterman is the comparison of Bitcoin with Ethereum, of course not. So Ethereum is a whole Blockchain, while Bitcoin is just a single application. Or in your words: If Ethereum is the Internet, then Bitcoin is E-Mail.

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