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Soon advertising for Bitcoin and other crypto-products at Google?

Soon advertising for Bitcoin and other crypto-products at Google?

Home News Soon advertising for Bitcoin and other crypto-products at Google?

Matthias Nemack –

So far advertising for financial says products with respect to crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin on Google. Only in the spring, the company says ads for ICOs and other things in General, appropriate activities deleted, as well as many locked in to that provider. Now a looser company policy seems to be possible.

Neither advertising nor Mining Apps are allowed

Just the fact that probably the most important Internet company in the world of advertising is a General prohibition against the ICO, providers, Wallet providers and other companies in the crypto industry had spoken, was many crypto Fans a thorn in the eye. The group seems now to be an Opening, and the relatively short period of time after the final confirmation of prohibition of practice. In addition to ICOs trading platforms and websites with News affected content, but also in General Coin-providers from the prohibition of all service providers, the point of view from Google-connection with crypto-currencies like Ethereum and co. and continue to be blocked for advertising to a large extent.

The Mining of Bitcoins and other Coins about the Google’s own Chrome Browser and corresponding extensions is excluded up to now. The logical consequence of restructuring measures in the Google Play Store, in the course of Apps for Mining activities have been deleted since a long time.

Starting in October a new “advertising policy”

As a ban reason that it is called on Google, but also social media such as Facebook, the lack of transparency. You could not protect its own customers from rogue services and operators, as well as the high risk of Fraud. In a timely manner – more precisely, from the beginning of October – will Google allow in a first step, advertisers, the insertion of Advertisements in Japan and the United States. The prohibition of advertisements relating to Wallets, Trading platforms and Initial Coin Offerings will initially remain in place, but here, too, could soon be easing into the house. Anyway, have to ad-Willing to first receive a certification from Google in order to advertise. By the way: Even before Facebook had announced a slightly more relaxed approach.

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