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Sint-peter’s Abbey opens ‘largest muziektentoonstelling ever in Flanders’

The Ghent Sint-Pietersabdij brings from 5 October an exhibition of sixty years of Dutch songs. ‘Long live the music! ” collects Dutch music of more than 200 artists from Belgium and the Netherlands.

The exhibition brings together all the notable tracks together in a major exhibition. “These are the songs we loudly sing,” says curator Jan Delvaux.

‘Songs that we choose for the great moments of life: a declaration of love, a first dance, a birth, a farewell. “Of Rocco Granata to Marco Borsato, Boudewijn De Groot to Lil’ Small, everyone has a Dutch number among his all-time favourites.”

Five researchers looked for more than a year, the collections of artists, museums, and private collectors. That way, they managed to of the key figures from all periods and across all genres of music around a variety of unique pieces on loan.

Months research work in the VRT-archive of images produced unique settings with time portraits. That are collected in an interactive setting.

The exhibition runs until 9 June 2019.

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