10 Questions

Polished drama about drug gangs and a disastrous marriage to your small screen

The cold slowly creeps the living room. On your screen is the bitter seriousness, though, here and there, a touch of fantasy involved.

1. The man who knew too much

How many directors would ever be a remake of their own movie made? That is only for the great play by Erik Van Looy and Alfred Hitchcock. Or this remake of 1956’s better than the original ui 1934, that the opinions diverge. He is, Que sera, sera, in any case more colourful.

Caz 22.20-0.25 hours

2. GEtt – The trial of Viviane Amsalem

After To take a wife and Shiva, this is the third film by Ronit Elkabetz about an Israeli woman trapped in a disastrous marriage. The director also plays the leading part himself. A fourth film is certainly not, because Elkabetz died two years ago of cancer.

NPO 2 23.40-1.25 hours

3. Snowfall

Start of the second season of the dramareeks about drug gangs in the LA of the 80’s. Too polished to be true, but nevertheless pleasant kijkvoer.

BBC 2 23.50-0.35 hour

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