Missing: the big boss of Interpol

In France, it is an investigation into the disappearance of Meng Hongwei, the Chinese director of the Lyon-based international police organisation Interpol. Since he is at the end of september to China to tour, learned his family nothing more of him.

It is his wife that his disappearance Friday indicated to the French authorities. The 64-year-old man lives in Lyon with his wife and children, and departed on 29 september on a journey to native China. The French police said to news agency Reuters that the disappearance of Meng treat it as a worrying disappearance.

Meng Hongwei is a former Chinese minister, and was in november 2016, was elected president of Interpol. That organization, that police agencies helps to fight crime and the detection of fugitive gangsters, did not want to reveal a lot about the case.

“This is a matter for the relevant authorities in both France and China’, it sounds in a short statement.

According to an anonymous source that the hong kong newspaper South China Morning Post cites, is running against Mix, a study in China. He would shortly after his arrival in the country are taken away by the authorities for questioning. It seems that Mix recently in disgrace has fallen upon the Chinese Communist Party: in april, he lost his position within the party office.

First Chinese Interpolbaas

Mix was previously the Chinese minister of Public Security, a function in which he, according to critics, led to the secret police of the country. Against his appointment as big boss of Interpol in 2016 was also quite a bit of criticism: human rights groups feared that Beijing would be steutelpositie within Interpol would misuse sensitive information about dissidents back to the surface.

‘His disappearance is truly frightening, and proves that no one, absolutely no one, is safe (for the persecution in China)’, responds Sophie Richardson, the director of human rights organisation Human Rights Watch in China.

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