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Margriet Hermans on Capiau: “Working with Walter was a feast’

It was Margriet Hermans, who several months ago announced that it not going well with her good friend Walter Capiau. A communication Capiau itself not could immediately appreciate. ‘Margaret, what do you do now? You bury me already and I’m not dead yet, ” he said to her over the phone.

They got to know each other as colleagues, but Margriet Hermans and Walter Capiau quickly became friends. A band which through the years continues to get stronger would be, even though they would like many others to never be part of the small group of true confidants who Capiau around him had gathered. “Despite our friendship, he remained still closed,’ says Hermans to our editors. But that did not mean that there are no good memories with him fell.

“Working with Walter Capiau was a feast. I remember nothing but great experiences with him. He also organised trips and cruises, and that one short cruise to England I never forget. We were there with all the artists and celebrities, including Anne De Baetzelier and Daisy Van Cauwenbergh, but on that first evening, everyone was sick. There we were, the people wanted a full-length show, and the only ones still awake were me and Walter. We then have the whole evening with his two must fill. Actually that was a great experience.”

Birthday party missed

The last years diluted their friendship, mainly because Capiau fiercely withdrawn from public life after six years ago, he discredited was because of sexual abuse. Two men told how they as teens molested by Capiau. “That was really a heavy blow for him. He was really teruggeplooid on his family. For his children, that he doodgraag saw, was that the hoopla also not easy.’

Last year, a common friend have a party for the eightieth birthday of Capiau, a party which also Hermans for was invited. ‘I couldn’t, and I find that so unfortunate. To I the pictures saw, for he saw there were already really good. You saw that his health was vehemently declined.”

Her dismay about those photos shared Hermans when with Day All. ‘Walter is very, very sick, ” told Herman when. ‘He is fighting against an incurable disease. Walter is a fighter, but I fear that this battle will lose.’

“Afterwards, I had some regret that statement,” says Hermans us. It was not long before Walter Capiau her and asked why she had done that. ‘“Margaret, what do you do now? I’m not dead yet and you bury me already!”, he asked me when. I then said: “But Walter, I just don’t want that you fight enter, I see you like hey.” Because that was so, we saw each other was like.’

Now had Walter the battle yet to specify. “I knew it, actually hear, that it was going to happen, but when that moment comes, that is still hard.”

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