Film Fest Gent is celebrating its 45th edition

For football you have to these days not really in Ghent, for movie more. From 9 to 19 October, namely, the annual Film Fest will take place. You can find all the info on but we were already ten eye-catchers from the same sections of the event.

1. The Favourite (Official competition)

A few weeks ago, stole the new film by the Greek genius Yorgos Lanthimos (‘The Lobster’) the show in Venice. Now can also the Belgian audience can enjoy these great tragi-comedy. Olivia Colman was in Venice award for her performance as the imbalance in the British queen Anne, who to and fro dragged between two ladies-in-waiting.

2. Beautiful Boy (Slotfilm)

That the celebrated ‘Girl’, the festival may open, did you know may already have. But also the slotfilm is a Belgian production: the first American film by Felix van Groeningen (‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’). He was Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet directing in a true and very emotional drama about a father and his drug addict son.

3. Bad Times at the El Royale (Galas & Specials)

Seven people who don’t know each other but each one has a secret to carry, find shelter in a strange hotel. There they experience soon that something is not right. As Agatha Christie the 60’s and had been there from the wrong mushrooms had tasted, had perhaps something invented like this crazy thriller.

4. 2001 and Beyond: A Symphonic Odyssey (Concerts)

Film Fest Gent is always in the character of the music, including the World Soundtrack Awards. We, however, look forward to the concert to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,” celebrates with a richly invested buffet of melodies from the sciencefictiongeschiedenis. From ‘Alien’ to ‘Star Wars’, that is yummy.

5. Gräns (Global cinema)

If you are the fantastic “Let the Right One In’ have seen, then you know that writer John Ajvide Lindqvist is not for nothing the Swedish Stephen King. ‘Gräns’ confirms that reputation with a unique story about a female customs officer who can smell or people have something to hide. Not to be missed, if only for the mind-blowing vrijscène.

6. Strangled (Focus on Hungarian cinema)

Hungary is central to the festival, with a selection of six recent films. For example, the atmospheric thriller ‘Strangled’ based on a misdaadzaak from the years 60, when a village terrorized by a serial killer. The two men go in search of the truth, not supported by the government.

7. Studio 54 (Sound & Vision)

In the late 70’s was the New York nightclub Studio 54 downright legendary. Booze, drugs, and disco, complemented with a generous serving of sex and celebrities, it was the hippest place on earth. And after three years it was over. This documentary of the rise, heyday and demise of the club, the cloths, with testimonies of people who were there.

8. Love Express: The Disappearance or Walerian Borowczyk (Artists on film)

You have people who are sacred cows daub and have them ground down. The Polish director Walerian Borowczyk belonged in the 70’s to the latter category, with intriguing and surreal films as ‘La Bête’. In ‘Love Express’ brings including Terry Gilliam pays tribute to the forgotten master.

9. The Gang of Jan de Light (Serial madness)

Television series are fixed costs become at film festivals, and Ghent is no exception. This year’s jumps, especially the operation of Louis Paul Boons picareske novel ‘The Gang of Jan the Light in the eye. Matteo Simone plays the titelpersonage, a kind of Robin Hood of the region around Aalst sometime during the 18th century.

10. Ghost: Haunted House (Videodroom)

On Friday, October 12, turns Film Fest Gent, the concert hall of the Vooruit to a griezelfabriek. Four and a half hours long you can enjoy concerts, performances and installations inspired by classic spookhuisfilms. Difficult to say what exactly it is, only that it is particularly.

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