Ex-colleagues Capiau: “With Walter disappears a monument”

Many people shy away from the news about Walter Capiau. Also a former tv-face, and senator Johan Verstreken is shocked by the death. “With Walter disappears, a tv monument,” says Expired.

Passed look back with satisfaction on the collaboration with Walter Capiau. “To work with him was always a pleasure. He was a craftsman, an animator, a born entertainer and organiser. As a child I was fond of his antics and radiofratsen. Programs such as ‘Higher-Lower’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ remain in our collective memory.” Also later had Passed much Capiau. “Also when I was deputy mayor of Culture was in Ostend, he gave yet professional advice. Now and then, we sat together with mutual friends at a dinner party. That was always fun and laughter,” says the Oostendenaar.

“Walter Capiau could be very funny from the corner and was a great imitator. It was particularly fun to work with him”, explains Martin De Jonghe, who from 1977 to 1998 as a producer at the then BRT worked, about Walter Capiau as a radio-colleague knew. “We had both Ghent roots, as we have each other to learn”, says Martin De Jonghe (70). “Walter was a little older and came from the scouts.”

That friendly contact was there as well when De Jonghe for Omroep West-Vlaanderen worked. “In 1976-1977, we have worked for the radio program ‘Radio Captis’ for Radio 2 West-Flanders, I, as a producer, he was the presenter. A witty program on a lacherige basis, for which we have a lot of interviews have done. It brought us to places like café nineteen billekes’ in the Kempen. It was particularly enjoyable to work with Walter, the former radio icon memories, which was shocked by the report about the death of Walter Capiau.

On VRT radio testified former tv presenter Jan Van Rompaey about Walter Capiau. “He was a very funny man. I have many worked with him, for Omroep Brabant ‘Antics’ and later to ‘Magesien’. He did this in his own unique way.” The youngest time there was not much contact. “I knew that he was seriously ill, I have a short time ago was still with him e-mailed.”

“I would be sorry if he as shadow continued. He remains a unique figure on radio and tv, that shadow is later added. I think we now need to think of the time that he is an awful lot of people amused. He was actually not an actor, but he played great rolls. It was a very funny man”, says Jan Van Rompaey.

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