Dutch commuters get free drinking water

The Dutch Railways to invest three million euros in the construction of water fountains on more than two hundred stations in the Netherlands. The goal is to in the future all stations.

NS wants to be drinking tap water to stimulate and also help to reduce litter. “We notice that the demand for free tap water to own bottles to fill increases. With the drinkwaterpunten we hope the number of plastic bottles that in the waste lands to reduce”, says Carola Wijdoogen, director of Sustainable Enterprise of NS. ‘We are investing in free of drinking water because we believe that this is the Netherlands, and our travellers, it helps to be aware to opt for public transport and more sustainable travel.’

Wijdoogen has no fear for the consequences of the sale of bottles. “If we get through this initiative less bottles of water to sell on the drive, so be it. Facilitating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, we find more and more important.’

It is intended that all of the stations a ‘water tap’. The first tap is this month opened at the train station in Alkmaar, in cooperation with drinking water company PWN. Before the end of 2019 should be the half of the Dutch stations are equipped with a water fountain.

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