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Crisis is complete with Anderlecht: also, Zagreb is a size too big for zwalpende Brussels

It goes from bad to worse with Anderlecht. After the bekernederlaag against Union, and the equal game against ten Truienaren managed purple and white for the third time in a row, not in a home game to win. Dinamo Zagreb gave Anderlecht a zero on six and a big hangover in the Europa League, the umpteenth opdoffer in the still young season. A oerdomme penalty kick and a deviated shot bezegelden the Brussels lot (0-2).

More good will than talent and an absolute lack of self-confidence: to the extent that, in a nutshell, the Anderlecht in the eve Dinamo Zagreb party gave. Anderlecht wanted to be, witness to an energetic start with all in the first minute a corner kick for the purple-and-white. It was no coincidence that that was enforced by Zakaria Bakkali. The Belgian Moroccan tried the fire in the pan to hunt but found no medemaats who were willing to join the battle. In possession of the ball you could see the fear on the face of the Anderlecht-players are limited to risk-free around tap.

The burly Croats were given the time to be in the match to come and, with the help of a schutterend purple and white, the advantage offered. Najar played the leather be completely wrong in which Petkovic on Didillon if notwithstanding. The returned Vranjes tried it with one of his course tackles the furniture to save but hit only Petkovic and no ball. Logical penalty kick and that was by Hajrovic neatly within laid.

The cups went even deeper and for a moment it seemed Zagreb the job immediately to want to get it done. Orsic’ slider didn’t have any success and also Gojak had better have to do with an attack right through the heart of the purple and white defence. Anderlecht wobbled.

A blessing that Zagreb is not the talent to get the job done or Anderlecht had been on the half-hour with the buttocks exposed. Little by little, tried Bakkali and Trebel – the only ones on level – to turn the tide, but further than a afgeblokte volley of Santini and a deviated ball of Dimata came the inhabitants of Brussels do not.

Red Vranjes

The tactical directives that Hein Vanhaezebrouck his men during the break had passed, if, after exactly fifteen seconds to play the trash in. The Bosnian defender slipped but got casually yet quickly a Croatian attacker down. Second yellow and a blessing that Didillon an excellent rescue had on the free-kick from Orsic or the disaster was complete. Vanhaezebrouck knew the very moment and saw his goalkeeper almost wrong to comment on a harmless-looking header.

At the Brussels public will not this time have been located: while not as numerous Anderlecht-fans made for the necessary vocal support. Bakkali, again he tried the motor to get it up but be further than what non-dangerous free-kicks and corners came the inhabitants of Brussels do not. On the other side if goalkeeper Didillon a candle burning when a shot from Olmo via the French goalkeeper on the sleeper caprioleerde.

Vanhaezebrouck and co had the chalice to the bottom emptying. Gojak was still twenty minutes to play unlocked and saw his shot through the body by Makarenko over the stray Didillon fly. Zero-two and the match played. Even the red card from Théophile-Catherine could matchverloop’t change.

In the other match took Fenerbahce to the relatively easy of the Slovakian Trnava with two goal by Slimani (2-0). Anderlecht is therefore separated last with zero points from two matches. Zagreb leads with the maximum, Fenerbahce and Trnava have both three points behind their name. Since the first two in each group go further, is there for Anderlecht have lost nothing. But the tide is an urgent need for the people of Brussels.

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