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Circle: New Coin-Collections

The Goldman-Sachs-funded financial service provider Circle has expanded its range of products in the crypto area. In three new portfolio of the supported Coins can be purchased in various constellations.

Payment, Platform and Privacy – as the name of the new crypto-Portfolios of Peer-to-Peer payment service provider Circle. The company announced on 4. October on his Blog. The labelling depends on the application of the respective Coins areas. Circle Invest, the App of the company, are so far supported eleven crypto-currencies. For quite some time, it is possible to invest with Circles “Buy-the-Market-Portfolio” in all of the eleven Coins at once – the weighting is based on the market capitalization of the Coins. With the new collections, the company wants to be the different preferences of crypto-investors.

A Matter Of Taste: A Means Of Payment, Programming Environment, Privacy,

So, for example, those whose heart is for the Use Case “payment”, in the “Payment”collection invest. In addition to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash is also Stellar and Litecoin are part of this portfolio. As in the case of the Buy-the-Market-Portfolio is also true for the new collections: the weighting of The investment depends on the market capitalization of the individual crypto-currencies. This means that Bitcoin dominates as the industry leader, each Portfolio in which it is included.

Anyone who wants to, however, put his money in Coins, in which the focus is on your development environment, to come up with the “platform”collection. On their website, the company Ethereum, Ethereum Classic Qtum and EOS calls as a platforms, which are included in this Portfolio.

Privacy Fans will be able to invest with the Privacy-Portfolio in the Coins Monero and Zcash.

Circle wants to enlarge the number of Coins and close-up with new collections. The App will also provide information material to the individual collections.

Circle Invest: USA only

Unlike the Peer-to-Peer Payment App Circle Pay users outside of the United States in front to stay at Circle Invest for the time being outside. In addition, can not even invest in the United States each Investor in the new Portfolios: Minnesota, Wyoming, and Hawaii, like the Rest of the world, empty.

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