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‘Canvas is too important for democracy to be messy to deal with’

Her Canvas was revived and they broke. One fall, the ago, Reinhilde Weyns did what she had never done before. She kept it on. There followed a winter, a spring, even a summer, and see, ‘now is everything’. The years of topvrouw behind the scenes wants to ever talk in his own name, ” but it should be about life’.

dS Weekblad begin Saturday, where it stopped for Reinhilde Weyns. She sat in the car. It was an evening in november, long since dark, she was on the way home, an empty house, she was in no hurry, it was a long day, not longer than otherwise, all days were long, but as she sat so calmly behind the wheel when she felt, not to disregard. She felt how she felt nothing, suddenly there was Nothing more. They had never seen before, but she recognized the emptiness. Saturday read the full article. Below you will find a preview.

‘There is no way out’, that she knew. Reinhilde Weyns, the woman who was never ill, had the verdict not to wait to get to know it. They did not hesitate to put the final decision in its function: that function release. She was Canvasnetmanager. And when should it all begin.

‘More spectacular it was not, ” she says. “The scene was not dramatic, I’m not “collapsed”. There was only the sudden overwhelming clarity: here of it.’ She tells the ten months later, with confident use of the past tense. Because it is over. Not the balance, that remains, that will prevent the fall. ‘But that black and which you do not know or ever even moving.’
That is in the past.

Beautiful no

Reinhilde Weyns is like to be seen. That falls on. About its not a cross word. “If they stand for election, I voted for her’, says director Marc Didden, who, with her, and for her, has worked. Of course, she laughs. “But I think that I did a few enemies.” That is a tour de force for someone who for so long occupied a key position in the heaving world of television. It has to do with that they are beautiful no can say. Her rejections were cheers. Allegedly refused they sometimes imagine with so much inspiration that the creators even the day itself to a new started.

‘Because I’m just allowed to feel what they felt, I think. I kept me always aware of the vulnerability that people came up with the idea to present. My approach was that of the gentle clarity. My empathy, I have never distrusted, also not in my way of leadership. I know that my style therein differs from what managerslectuur usually recommends. But creativity and drive is also with few similar. I was the buffer between the creators and the management. Between all that creative, and everything figured out.”

A lonely position, as a buffer.

‘That is any leadership position. You give, you listen, you lost. Your strength is based, to your well-being is not polled. I think that’s also normal, that is the deal, you know that as soon as you say yes for such a function.”

You yourself have some time hesitated before you said yes to network manager to be of Canvas.

“Because I knew what a complex and demanding job that is. Outsiders can not be underestimated. As a deputy I knew, however, perfectly clear where I would be. At first, I was deputy of Jan Stevens, Marc Coenen, and later by Paul Peyskens. I have three netmanagers worn. (laughs) I got the question when Paul unexpectedly disappeared, and the transmitter is in an identity crisis was, I knew that it was no walk in the park would be. But perhaps that’s exactly why I said yes, I, I think.’

As a matter of duty.

“That sounds, of course, to be heroic, in any case too cold. I knew the box by and by, also the VRT, I arrived in the early 80’s, I have also as a spokesman worked, I knew the house inside and outside. I knew where every trap was, I had a good contact with the creators, the atmosphere was fragile on Canvas, prudence was needed, and so I was just the most logical option. Canvas lag me to the heart to not to take. Canvas was, and still is, far too important to be sloppy.’

Too important for whom?

‘For the society. For the democracy. I do not hesitate to say that. If you ask me what driven me through my whole course, then I need to finally to of big words to grab. Why I did what I did? To make the world better, point other line. Canvas indemnifies a unique space, especially if you internationeel look at it, those people challenges continue to look to other voices to listen to other perspectives to see.”

Saturday read you dS Weekly for the full interview with Reinhilde Weyns. About love and about grief. About the search, and self-understanding. About the future. “I couldn’t even read. I am never without a book. There was nothing inside, certainly no beauty.’

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