Brit dies after bite of sea snake

A 23-year-old Briton died after he by a poisonous snake bitten, was on the north coast of Australia. It rarely happens that someone dies after an attack of a poisonous snake.

A young Brit (23), allegedly as a backpacker through the australian outback drew, was yesterday attacked by a sea serpent when he was at work on a fishing boat. When the young man the nets binnenhaalde 70 miles south of the island to the Great war effort, he was by the animal bitten.

Emergency services were still on board the fishing boat, ‘but unfortunately he had already died for them on the ship were”, said Craig Garraway of the ambulance service in St John.

It is very rare for sea snakes, which is a deadly poison secrete attacks, unless they are cornered, feel. According to the Marine Education Society of Australasia was in Australia never been a fatal attack recorded. Most of the attacks occur on fishing vessels, but only in a small number of cases the victims so much poison inside that they die from it.

Thirty of the 70 known species of sea snakes are found in Australia. The reptiles live only in tropical waters.

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