“007 will never by a woman to be played”

“James Bond is male. He was written as a man and I think he is probably a man, will remain.” That has James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli stated during an interview with The Guardian. She makes such an end to the speculation that one of the next James Bond by a woman performed would be. Among others, Gillian Anderson, known for “The X-Files” and “The Fall”, was mentioned as a possible female Bond.

The makers of the James Bond franchise, so not the same path as that of the legendary BBC series “Doctor Who”. In the latest season, that is from tomorrow’s broadcast, plays Jodie Wittaker, the first female doctor.

“That’s okay”, says the producer about the fact that Bond is always a man will remain. “We have no male characters in women change. Let us just have more female characters and create the story to match those characters.”

Broccoli agrees that topspion James Bond, not really a feminist can be seen, but that is because people mainly refer to the first films, during the fifties are written. “There are certain things in his DNA that probably will not change,” she says. “But look how the world has changed. And I think that Bond with time has evolved. I think I have my part have done, and that especially the Daniel Craig movies a lot more with their time when it comes to the way women are perceived to be.”

Broccoli, daughter of legendary Bond producer Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, is already closely involved in the Bond francise since her seventeenth. She has still a lot of credit because they are of the set a safe place for women.

The next James Bond film, today still known as “Bond 25”, comes out in February 2020 in the halls. The director will be in the hands of Cary Joji Fukunaga, which Danny Boyle will replace who in August due to “creative differences” the door behind him dichttrok. Daniel Craig crawls again into the skin of James Bond.

About who the next James Bond is already a lot of ink was shed. In addition to a possible female Bond, is also speculated about a non-white James Bond. A name often mentioned is Idris Elba.

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