VRT may 3.6 million euro extra from advertising get

The VRT is the Flemish government an additional dividend of € 3.6 million from his advertising agency (VAR). Reports that The Morning.

“If Flanders continues to skimp on the operating budget, there shall be every year four fictiereeksen less be made,” warned Luc Van den Brande, the president of the board of directors of the VRT, the politics for the summer holidays for the financial condition.

For 2019 should the viewers not fear that they will be less fiction will see One or Canvas. The Flemish government, the VRT is the permission given to an extra dividend from the advertising agency of the VRT. In addition to the normal 3.6 million is 3.6 million euros, said the newspaper.

According to sources, was that an extra dividend is not just granted. Minister-president Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) was not amused with the savings for Klara and the five fired at the classical radio station. Minister of Media Sven Gatz (Open Vld) denies that that link is made. “The dividend from the advertising agency, can the VRT now use it as compensation for the non-indexing of the operating costs. Later this fall I took with the VRT calls for a modification of the management agreement. We will talk about Klara and how the cultuurverdieping at the VRT can be preserved or strengthened.”

“We welcome that the Flemish government agree that the VRT is an extra dividend from its subsidiary VAR may distribute to the correct interpretation of the management agreement to continue to guarantee”, responds VRT spokesman Bob Vermeir on

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