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VRT had previously been suffering with far-reaching product placement

The VRT criticism on the live-broadcasting of specific radio programs now it seems that the organizers need to pay. It is not the first time that the VRT is under fire, it is evident from this list.

A live broadcast of the Radio 1 program ‘Culture Club’ at the premiere of the show, one of ‘The Ladies’ on Radio 2 during your event,… An association that wants attention, that at payment of a part of the production costs. That writes The Morning today.

The VRT came in the past few years, already under fire for the far-reaching productplacement in tv programs. In the examples below is a list kept broadcasting, however, each of the media decree, but there were many important questions asked.

Flanders Holiday

Foreign cities and regions in Flanders Holiday country came were between 5,000 and 6,000 euros to pay. Also, Tourism Flanders and the Flemish provinces, gave every year a few hundreds of thousands of euros to the One program.

Under political pressure, the program was because of that ‘exaggerated’ product placement eventually forced to dissipate. But it was replaced by the Way we are.

Tournée Générale

Jean Blaute and Ray Cokes put back in Tournée générale , the small and big Belgian beers in the spotlight. But to Blaute and Coke on a visit, had the brewers pay. Some counted 7,500 euro down.

Everyone Devil

In the run-up to the world cup in Brazil sent One Everyone Devil . The football association would then 250,000 euros at Bonka Circus have paid for the advantage of Everyone Devil. The production house Bonka Circus was then in the hands of Vincent Kompany. Afterwards denied the production company. It would be that 250,000 euros to the belgian football association invoiced, but for other programs. Under the heading, ” Everybody Merci’ in the VRT-program Anyone Famous.

Ruben Van Gucht is riding the Tour of Flanders

The VRT has a structural cooperation with the Flanders Classics, the organiser of the Tour of Flanders. When sports journalist Ruben Van Gucht in april last year, a day-long Canvas inpalmde to have the Lap and so was promoting the contest, said that questions about his journalistic independence.

Devils on One

The media reports that One this spring brought on Dries Mertens and Kevin De Bruyne were made in collaboration with Sporthouse Group, the sportmarketingbureau behind both players. That desk, that was paid by the VRT, I was able to determine for themselves what image we have of the football players were able to see. VVJ-secretary Pol Deltour, warned in June in The Morning for ‘a slippery slope’.

And on the radio?

There are clear rules on product placement on tv. But for radio, there is no clear regulations. So have the radio stations of the VRT a contract with The Line for their fileberichten. The reader ends his message, often with a reference to how The Line may be an alternative for the files. On tv, this would be a pp logo (for product placement, red.) necessary. That logo is no alternative on the radio.

And so happen there are sometimes accidents. At the beginning of this school year, the marketingpoot of MNM to a match with the winner getting a time free internet of Telenet for kot could win. This sent the commercials on the station. On 19 april announced a MNM presenter such a spot this way: “kot do you have the best internet that you can find to be informed. Then you need to kotabonnement of Telenet.” That incident was by the VRT dismissed as a mistake of the young presenter.

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