VRT “ask no money for reporting”

The VRT denies that it is “against payment” to reporting, as well as a number of newspapers today, write. “This is not correct. What our radios do collaborations with organisations for a special live broadcast on its feet”, says in a statement. Collaborations fit according to the public broadcaster also entirely within the agreements in the framework of the management agreement were made.

Organizations and cultural institutions pay attention on the VRT radio stations, writing The Morning and The Latest News. They quote a price of 1,800 to 9.750 euro. The Flemish Association of Journalists speaks of an infringement against the code of ethics.

In a detailed response says the VRT that the presentation of the facts “is not correct”. “Our editorial staff, and certainly our where the report is ignored, operate fully independently. What our radios do is collaborations with organisations for a special live broadcast with the audience on its feet. That costs more than a broadcast in the studio, and that extra cost we share with the organisation concerned.” Cultural organisations “a megaphone to the whole of Flanders” deliver, does the VRT have been since the 1980’s, “with illustrious programs like ‘To bed or not to bed’ and ‘Radio Rijswijck'”.

According to radio-manager Els Van de Sijpe key, the public broadcaster, any potential cooperation to its internal rules. “We’re going after or the mission, values, and practices of our partners are consistent with the mission and values of the VRT and we work with a wide range of partners without favouritism.” Each agreement is a comprehensive agreement cast, in which the editorial autonomy explicitly guaranteed state, says Of the Sijpe.

The VRT emphasizes that the collaborations entirely within the terms of its management agreement with the Flemish government to adapt. There it says: “the VRT makes relevant cultural events accessible for everyone and reserves, including through events on location in direct contact with the Flemings”.

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