Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 40

Four singles dropping this week from the boat in the Flemish Ultratop 50. Q3 and “Luka Luna” are not there any more, just as the “Hourglass” of Ida de Nijs, Corina with “Summer on your radio” and “The sun” of Slongs feat. Jack Parow.

New to 47 is Augustijn and “In the schouwte”. 46 is for “Mamacita” from Soufiane Eddyani. The “Little princess” of Lindsay for the first time, and that is at number 39. One place higher is the highest newcomer, and that is Ida de Nijs and “Love it, it never comes out good”.

A week ago was the premiere of Bart & Luc Intimate in the theatre. It explains their money, because “Evening” of Bart Kaëll and Luc Appermont diving at position 10, while they last week on 12 were. “Hope makes you live” is the successingle of Slongs feat. Will Tura at 9, coming from 11. “Rhythm in me” by Celien is from 7 to 8. “Let your heart beat” of Laura Lynn, loses a place and is now the number 7. 5 is 6 for Michiel De Meyer and “So clean”. Niels Destadsbader lose with “Conquer me” two places and dives of 3 to 5. A nice leap forward makes Sabien Tiels. “You know me better than I am” climbs from 9 to 4. Fifty weeks Blöf feat. Geike Arnaert already listed with “Zoutelande”. They go there even a spot for it on ahead, of 4 to 3. 2 remains 2 for “Gloria” by Niels Destadsbader. For the seventh week meanwhile 1 we find Bazart and “Grip (embrace me) back.

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