Two and a half Belgian short films among the nominations for European Film Awards

Not less than three – actually two and a half – Belgian short films are included in the list of fifteen short films selected for the European Film Awards 2018. That has the organizer of the event, the European Film Academy, have been reported. The selection was created through the choice of one film by a jury on the fifteen participating festivals.

The Belgian short films are: ‘Kapitalistis’ by Pablo Muñoz Gomez, ‘Release the Dogs/Lâchez les chiens’ company of manue Fleytoux and ‘Wildebeest’ by Nicolas Keppens and Matthias Phlips. They were consecutively selected at the festivals of Valladolid, Krakow and Bristol. The other nominees come from Portugal, Germany (2), Ukraine, Great Britain (2), the Netherlands, Georgia, Bulgaria, France, Italy and Switzerland. ‘Kapitalistis’, based on the assumption that “santa Claus is a capitalist (is). He brings gifts for the rich, and sweaters for the poor”. Fleytoux, a French citizen, is also a draughtsman, wijnbouwster and installatiekunstenares. Her ‘Release the Dogs’, is a French-Belgian co-production.

Wildebeest’, produced by Animal Tank, is a animatieprent where 2D animation mixed with live action, about a bunch of middle age that’re going on a safari, an adventure that leads to a nightmare. After years of setting aside funds, is the extent to olifantenfan Linda and her intrepid husband Troyer. But during the groepssafari hit the two their companions have lost and they have only each other to survive in the unpredictable and horrifying true wilderness. ‘Wildebeest’ won at its world premiere in december at the International short film Festival Leuven, the audience.

The fifteen films will now be submitted to the 3,500 members of the EFA to a winner. Who the kortfilmluik of the 31st edition of the European Film Awards wins, will be announced at the EFA ceremony on Saturday 15 december in Seville.

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