Rwanda let opponent government Rwigara free

KIGALI – A court in Rwanda on Friday, the prominent activist Diane Rwigara together with her mother released on bail. The court stated as a condition to the release that the two women in the capital Kigali.

Diane Rwigara, under the guidance of the police.

Rwigara was over a year ago, together with her mother arrested, because they are the security of the state in Rwanda in danger would have brought. That was over a month after president Paul Kagame a third term was chosen. Kagame keeg 98 percent of the votes.

Rwigara had that vote against Kagame want to record, but she was excluded from participation because her candidacy by not enough people would be supported.

According to the critics, reigns Kagame still autoritairder in the East African country and the media and opposition gagged.

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