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“Not every culture organisation such carrying costs’

The flemish minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD) poses questions about the way in which the VRT (flemish radio, sometimes against payment, live broadcasts on location.

“Not every culture organisation has the ability to bear such costs,” says Gatz in a comment on the message in The Morning. ‘Big cultuurorganisaties be that way biased against smaller organizations that often have a harder time to be in the attention.”

Gatz, ask more clarity about the costs that the public broadcaster is asking for live-broadcasts-to-order, and the hiring of reporters.

The minister asks whether the ‘pay for reporting to the neutrality of the news, not in the way’. “When is information news? The VRT must be at all times objective reporting.’ It Is intended that the VRT appeals to the resources of a subsidized culture organisation, sounds the also.

‘No geldgewin’

A museum or a theatre company that some extra attention for a new expo or a show, like you can on the VRT questions, for example, that ‘Culture Club’ (Radio 1) or ‘Pompidou’ (Klara) in them liveprogramma comes. However, the additional costs that go along with the broadcast, to be shared with the organisation concerned. The amounts of 1,800 to 9.750 euro, writes De Morgen. Amounts according to the spokesperson, Van Goethem, more or less correct.

“We earn here are not, or scarcely,” he said earlier. “It is not advertising and it’s not going to geldgewin. The VRT comes with such a broadcast in interaction with the public, and organizations get a megaphone. Everyone wins.’

Gatz stresses that the VRT culture closer to the people and that the external resources should collect.


Wilfried Vandaele, media specialist of N-VA, is not to speak about the news. “There are already similar cases, but it is the first time that this has on the regional radio in the nieuwssfeer occurs. Then it is an ethical issue. And that is a slippery slope.’

Vandaele is the minister of Media in the mediacommissie to clarity questions. ‘Because this is a sensitive issue. And if that’s not a clear answer for results, I will ask for an audit of the VRT. This is yet another incident where the VRT is in a gray zone goes. It is time that we all through let it light.”

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