“No third” Sex And The City’movie without Samantha”

Sarah Jessica Parker known as Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex And The City’, has admitted that there is no third film of the popular series will come as Kim Cattrall does not want to participate. Cattrall played in the series and movies, the character of Samantha Jones.

The actress proclaimed that message on Instagram. A fan replied to one of her messages that she is but a third ‘Sex And The City’movie should make without Cattrall. The botert not so well between the two actresses. But Parker was ready and clear in her answer: “I don’t know if I have something to propose still to make a film without her.”

The two have, for various reasons, for some time, arguing with each other. On the one hand, there are difficulties because Cattrall refuses to play in a possible third SATC movie, on the other hand, something must have gone wrong between the actresses in the period that the missing brother of Cattrall death was found. “You persistent messages are a painful reminder about how cruel you were and are. Let me be very clear: you’re not family and you’re not my friend”, was a message that Cattrall the world focusing on Parker.

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