New single, Sasha & Davy

Forget the ballads and uptempo love songs, if you listen to the new single by Sasha & Davy, it is in no way a ‘waste of time’. The popular couple throws it over another bow. Davy Gilles: “I was in France to enjoy some days of peace and silence. There are no incentives, and the availability, in optimal conditions, new songs, could write. Suddenly overcame me, a feeling that is not applicable on Sasha & Davy, but that perfectly represents how it feels when you investing the time in a relationship that has no chance of succeeding. Afterwards you think: ‘Damn, ‘waste of time’, because time is a precious asset in our lives. The song is not autobiographical, but are still visible. There are plenty of people who know what it is to lose time to a meaningless love. When I Sasha the demo did hear, she was immediately enthusiastic. I was quite nervous, because this was the first Sasha & Davy-the song is about a breakup. No liefdesnummer, but a Nederlanstalige mainstream, uptempo pop song. ‘Waste of time’ is the perfect warm-up for our new album next year.”

Just like Davy is Sasha happy with the musical evolution: “People see us as a good couple, and that we are, but we are also older and become wiser. You hear now also in our music. We made just a freak with our concept-cd In The Jukebox’, but are now back with Dutch pop songs. We find it nice to be outside of the musical lines to colors. It should be cool. The new album has a pit and the piece evoke numbers. It is so nice to have this together to be able to do. I am also incredibly proud of Davy. So no, our love is still not a ‘waste of time’!

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