Municipality of Rotterdam: ’Feyenoord put himself offside’

This is as it should be. An iconic stadium on the river Meuse, housing, hotels, the so-called strip and The Cockpit full of apartments, gyms and a park.

Feyenoord director Jan de Jong said the past few days in various media that the club are guaranteed a 25 million euro per year from the operation must get else pulls the Club back.

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“With these statements put Feyenoord are offside”, said the responsible alderman Adriaan Visser (D66) Thursday in the city council. Also in the council, there was sharp criticism about the attitude of Feyenoord. “This is not a hand-in-hand,” said the VVD.

Visser has Wednesday a “strong conversation” with the Feyenoord-director conducted. Has the alderman Feyenoord made it clear that there is no re-negotiations about the operation.

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In 2017, Rotterdam has hard made arrangements with Feyenoord about the distribution of the costs and revenues of the new stadium. Rotterdam take for 40 million shares in the new premises and will cross 60 million in the ground. Feyenoord have won’t be any rent to pay, but will get a partly variable remuneration from exploitation, to play in the stadium.

The club receives 17.5 million, the rest is depending on such things as occupancy and turnover, as Rotterdam. In 2019, a final decision about the construction of the new stadium.

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