Macron honors Aznavour in the heart of Paris

PARIS – France, tribute to the Monday death of singer Charles Aznavour. On the grounds of the Invalides, ” was president Emmanuel Macron, the world-famous singer “one of the faces of France.” Numerous known and unknown French people Friday in the heart of Paris, the met in honor of Aznavour, who is 94 years old. According to Macron, he had like a whole century lived.

The coffin with the body of the artist was covered with a French flag, and behind it was a wreath in the Armenian tricolor (red-blue-orange), a reference to the background of the celebrated singer. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the coffin was carried away to the music of Anavours Emmène-moi (Take me).

Aznavour was in Paris of Armenian parents, was born and spent his life as an artist fellow at the service asked of Armenia. The prime minister of that country, Nikol Pasjinjan, was to Paris come to the ceremony to attend.

Aznavour is Saturday afternoon in a strictly private circle buried in the family grave in Montfort -L’amaury, about 40 km southwest of Paris.

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