Look from Monday 8 October to the Space Week on Discovery Science!

Discovery Science picks up in October with an alien beautiful week full of programs in which the wonders of space will be explored.

In NASA’s Unexplained Files come from NASA astronauts who witnessed the mysterious, impossible and bizarre things. The series contains original images created by the cameras of NASA are recorded.

In How The Universe Works by a dynamic cast of experts and with the help of computer animations revealed how the universe was created.

In Space Pioneer plays physicist and host dr. Basil Singer with a lot of enthusiasm to the role of human guinea pig during his search for answers to the biggest questions about the space.

Cosmic Collisions is about everything there is to know about meteorite impacts on our planet and how scientists are preparing a deadly impact on the earth.

And in Telescope , we will make a journey through time to explore how the invention of the telescope and the world of astronomy was changed.

The Space Week is from Monday 8 October from 6am to watch it on Discovery Science!

Discovery Science is at Proximus TV to watch it on channel 94.

Discovery Science is part of the tv bundle Entertainment Channels on Proximus TV!

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