Lack of clarity about ‘bizarre’ interview Drew Barrymore

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Lack of clarity about ‘bizarre’ interview Drew Barrymore

04 October, 2018 14:09
04-10-18 14:09
Latest update: 22 hours ago
Update: 22 hours ago

There is controversy arising about an interview with Drew Barrymore in Horus, the magazine of EgyptAir. Travelers could recently an interview with the actress read, but, according to her management, that interview never took place. The airline itself holds on and continues to the writer of the article defend.

The issue plays since Tuesday, when the American political analyst Adam Baron photo of the article on Twitter placed. The article is written about the struggles that the actress has had her motherhood with work to be combined, while in april to Working Mom Magazine told how well they understand know to balance.

The words of Horus are also not mild. “Despite the fact that they practically her whole life, unstable relationships, despite the several unsuccessful marriages and, despite her busy sterrenbestaan, the beautiful American Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore recently decided to temporarily have an unlimited holiday, so she can have her vital role as mother can run”, in the article.

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