Julia Roberts surprised by scope #MeToo-revelations

The Oscar winner surprised about the range of #MeToo-revelation and admits that she is grateful that they never are in a similar situation.

Julia Roberts tells in an interview with Sky News that they have the “luck” that she was never sexually harassed. The Pretty Woman star added that she would have heard in Hollywood, but that she never witnessed misconduct in the film industry.

“Of course you hear stories about or know people who have had”, she told Sky News on the Prime Video Presents event in London. “I have the great good fortune that I have never been in such a situation. But the talk going around. I think a lot of things that look like brought shocking and the scope really was surprising.”

The actress is soon to be seen in the tv series Homecoming, directed by Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot), and makes this her first real foray into television.

Homecoming, a psychological thriller, is based on the eponymous original podcastreeks of Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg. Juliet is a member of a secret government agency who would like to return to the civilian life. Although the series has not yet been released, is the second season already confirmed.

Roberts admits that the director Esmail her with a “great conversation” flattered to be in front of the tv to go to work. “Sam has beautiful things for tv, but I went there not necessarily that this would be,” she said against “It was just a creative conversation: we find this both in the same way fun and we are it, intrigued? From there took a flight. I chose, therefore, more for to do anything with Sam to do than I for tv chose.”

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