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“Incomprehensible what is going on with F1 teams such as McLaren and Williams happens”

Lewis Hamilton thinks that it is very unfortunate that the two glorious teams McLaren and Williams on the back of the grid of the Formula 1 are to compete. Both teams are a shadow of themselves and the Brit hopes that they will soon be back at the front back to find.

“I think it’s a shame that McLaren is so rear,” said Hamilton his first F1 world title together with McLaren conquered. “It’s just such a pity that a team such as that of Williams, which I grew up, is not in front.”

“It is really too crazy for words that Williams at the end of driving, the team that ever drivers such as Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill in the car had, and championships won. The same for McLaren, that ever the family was that caused I in the Formula 1 debut. They face now a huge long term problems.”

Hamilton hopes that McLaren and Williams in the near future again in a much better position. According to the Brit the reglementswijzigingen that in the F1 for the season in 2021 are scheduled to be there, possibly with help.

“I really hope that there is for them the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Hamilton. “I hope that by 2021, whatever is decided by Liberty, that it helps them to get their house in order and perform better.”

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