Girl fishes 1,500-year-old sword from more

Jönköping – A girl of 8 years during her holiday in the Swedish Jönköping, a remarkable discovery was done. While swimming in a lake, felt Saga Vanecek something in the mud. She fished an old sword: one that is 1500 years old.

To Swedish media tells the girl that she had during the swim something on the bottom felt. Saga pulled it up and said to her father that it was a sword appeared. Himself he thought more of a stick, but the girl turned out to be right.

Archaeologists have determined that a 1,500-year-old sword. Due to the ongoing drought in the area was this year exceptionally low, reports the museum where the sword go. Therefore, you can now be in places where your normal cup would go under and could the girl find to do.

In the vicinity of the site is now looking at whether there are more historic objects dredged up. In any case, a brooch from the iron age.

An age-old brooch is all opgespeurd after the discovery of the sword.

How the sword in the water is reached, is guessing. So, according to archaeologists ever in the lake are thrown as a sacrifice, by someone are lost or washed away from a grave.

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