Gatz has “fundamental questions” approach VRT

Flemish Mediaminister Sven Gatz (Open Vld) has the fundamental questions at the sponsoring presence of VRT on certain events. That’s what he says in a statement.

Organizations and cultural institutions pay attention on the VRT radio stations, writing The Morning and The Latest News. They quote a price of 1,800 to 9.750 euro. According to the VRT involves the cooperation of the radio stations with cultural organizations, to a special live broadcast with the audience on its feet. Which are, according to the broadcaster will not be in violation of the beheersoverenkomst.

But not every culture organisation has the ability to bear such costs, notes the minister. “Great cultuurorganisaties be that way biased against smaller organizations that often have a harder time to be in the attention to come. They have less capacity, so it is a ruildeal de facto not self-evident. Additionally, you can also ask or pay for reporting the neutrality of the news, not in the way. When is information news? The VRT must be at all times objective reporting.”

He is now going to be more clarity ask the VRT, inter alia, the price, and is willing to debate in parliament. “You can ask the question whether it is intended that the VRT appeals to the resources of a subsidized culture organisation”, he concludes.

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