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Former television host Walter Capiau died

Walter Capiau is at the age of 80 died. That confirms the family on different media.

With Walter Capiau is one of the most famous Flemish tv characters ever died. He was 80 years old. The flamboyant Capiau is mainly known from the tv shows ‘Higher Lower’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and for many years was extremely popular in the Flemish living rooms.

But that popularity got a serious sting when six years ago, he in time came to sexual abuse. Two men told then that they as teens were molested by Capiau. Reluctantly, he gave the facts. All complaints of sexual abuse against the former tv presenter, were closed by the statute of limitations. Afterwards, it would the former tv-icon only rarely in the public exhibit.


Walter Capiau on the 28th of October, 1937 born in the Eastern part of Flanders, Schendelbeke. Although he later furore it would create if one of Flanders ‘ first mediavedetten, began his career quite a bit less glamorous. Capiau gave many years of religious education classes in the city, and considering even a moment to become a priest.

In the seventies made Capiau moved to the public broadcaster VRT, where he started to work at Radio 2. The man quickly became world-famous in Flanders with his Sunday radio show ‘Antics of Capiau, ” in which he unsuspecting listeners in the trapping, with telefoongrappen. For that program he received in 1972 a Radio Oscar, at that time, a prestigious prize for each radiofiguur.

“I’m going to say,Walter

Capiau’s Antics are ultimately a springboard to the tv. He starts in programs like ‘Tienerklanken’, ‘Magesien’ and ‘Inside and Out’ on Sunday afternoon, but really popular is he only with ‘Higher to Lower’, from 1983 was on display at the public broadcaster. In between, he also made a career in the music, with his world CHAMPIONSHIP voetbalhit ‘E Viva Belgica’ in 1986.

In 1989 moved Capiau to the new commercial broadcaster VTM. He is there with the ‘Wheel of Fortune’, together with his assistant Aurore, one of the performers and makes with, ‘I’m going to say Walter ” for one of the most famous quotes in the Flemish television history. The program also delivered some legendary blunders of format, such as ‘Assibille O’ in place of singer Isabelle A, ‘sextent’ in place of the sextant, and “water bath” instead of a waterbed. The blunder ‘Woestijnvis’ was even the inspiration for the founders of the eponymous production company.

Among other VTM-successes such as ‘Walters Verjaardagsshow’, ‘De Kinderacademie and are moppenprogramma ‘HT&D, worked Capiau also to a political career. In 1982, acted as well, he is in a verkiezingsspotje of the CVP (now CD&V), in 2003, he officially switched to the N-VA. For the municipal elections of 2006, Capiau was 68, he stood on the N-VA list in the coastal city of Koksijde (the man lived since his retirement in an apartment in the borough of Oostduinkerke), but he was not elected. From 2008 to 2011 he may have political egg have to say as the chairman of N-VA Koksijde-Oostduinkerke.

Regret abuse

In 2011, however, the hoopla, after the weekly Day of All anonymous witnesses popping up that Capiau accuse of sexual abuse of teenage boys. Previously, there were also rumors arise around a “cousin” of Capiau, a boy of 18, who will always be around Capiau draalde during his time at ‘Higher Lower’, but those rumors were never confirmed. Also, about his homosexuality, was quite a gossip, something Capiau only much later would confirm, since he aws in his own words “unnecessary” and “stigmatizing” were found.

The article in the Day All did Capiau first off as lies, but eventually he admitted that in the sixties two minor boys had been abused. He mentioned that on Radio 1 “from the hand of the friendly relations” and “a mistake from my youth”. Because the facts took place when Capiau 24 was, and they so long been barred were when they were 50 years later have come to light, he was not for the court to justify that. The televisiecoryfee apologized in his victims, and declared later very much regret to have the facts.

Terminally ill

The scandal nekte further showbusinessplannen of the man, in fact, his planned comeback, “Walters Best Moments Show” that he did so in march 2011 could imagine. Capiau withdrew from public life and lived three years “in exile” abroad. Since 2015 he stayed in his apartment in Oostduinkerke.

At the end of August 2018 and dived there in the press messages that he is terminally ill, and on Thursday it became known that Capiau at the age of 80 died

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