Fitting room in the post office for quick return

GENT Online shoppers that their ordered dress or pants in the post office to retrieve in Ghent, immediately assess whether the purchase like. Is the garment at or is the size not good then it can immediately be returned to the shop.

With the advent of a pashok in a new post office on the Nieuwevaart in the Flemish city wants Bpost to respond to the growth of internet orders. An earlier experiment with a temporary dressing room near a Ghent post office delivered so many good comments on that the new office is equipped with a ’check & send’-zone. The customer can locally check whether the ordered coffee mugs in the bedroom and clothes in the pashok check out and stuff if desired immediately to return.

The pashokken will not, by default, in all Belgian post offices to be built, says a spokeswoman. That will location to be viewed.

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