Christian Bale completely unrecognizable as Dick Cheney in ‘Vice’

On the internet this week, the trailer appeared for “Vice”, the biographical film about former U.s. vice president Dick Cheney. On the first images is to see how actor Christian Bale again an extreme lichaamstransformatie underwent to in the skin of the politician to crawl.

The British actor is there as a ‘method actor’ to make known that he ever again incredibly far going to be on a role to prepare. Most famous example is probably ‘The Machinist’ in 2004, for which he is less than 27 pounds – a third of his body weight – lost to the completely emaciated main character to be able to interpret. A few years before, he had in ‘American Psycho’ yet but the impression made by his complete toned and muscular upper body extended to allow filming. Shortly after ‘The Machinist’, he had the same weight again arrive – in muscle mass – 2005), the superhero to portray in ‘Batman Begins’.

In the crime film ‘American Hustle’ (2013) was Bale again in one fold to 20 kilograms has been added, after he in 2008 as the retractor muscle can was published in ‘The Dark Knight’. For ‘Vice’ has Bale back to a ‘reverse diet’, as it now appears.

The actor had to not only once again a small 20 kilogram weighing it down: he had also his head kaalscheren and his eyebrows bleachen to be even more on the gray eminence to look like.

The film brings together – in a combination of comedy and drama – the story of the ‘rise to power’ of Dick Cheney, who is seen as just about the most powerful vice president in American history. The function of U.s. vice president for Bale’s Cheney, in fact, not enough power, as we see in the trailer. “I am the CEO of a large company, and I am minister of Defence, and I am stafhoofd of the White House,” sums up the man when George Bush asks him as running mate for the presidential election of 2000. “The saying is especially a symbolic job. But, when we come to a different agreement would come…” Only at the end of the trailer we see Cheney agree: “I think we can make it work.”

How Bush and his running mate, according to the script writers managed to convince, we are likely only after the release of the film to know. ‘Vice’ is not used in the United States on december 25, 2018. A Belgian release date is not yet published. Curious can the trailer already find on YouTube.

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