Chelsea Peretti leaves ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Comedienne Chelsea Peretti has announced that they the popular tv series ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ are going to leave. She will have her starring in the next (sixth) season, not until the end and continue to play, so log in several entertainment media.

Peretti would still be in the sixth season to start, but wrote on Twitter that she is “not a full season will do”. “But that does not mean that I will never return”, she adds again.

Peretti plays in the comic politieserie since 2013 the character of administrative assistant Gina Linetti. Fox Network decided earlier this year to the program to drop, but the show was immediately picked up by NBC and will remain so even as walk. The sixth season is 18 episodes long, and comes out next year on tv.

Peretti thanked her fans “for the hours of watching Gina that Gina is”. “It is hard for me to know what exactly I should say”, says the also. The actress decided to but to the words of a colleague to borrow. In a following tweet copied simply the text that colleague Emmy Rossum had previously written to her departure from ‘Shameless’ to announce. Peretti put it in her own words-the “additional relevant evidence” in bold. Rossum responded by, in turn, simply a heart back to tweeting.

On the return to which they, in her first tweet had gealludeerd, came Peretti has not yet returned.

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