Boss of Interpol has disappeared

LYON – The boss of the international criminal police organisation Interpol, Hongwei Meng, is looking for. The French police has opened an investigation into the disappearance of 64-year-old Chinese. His wife and children live in Lyon and are delivered to the police board. They have nothing of their husband and father learned since september 29, went on a trip, reported French media on Friday.

The headquarters of Interpol is in Lyon. Mix in 2016 the former French Interpolchef Mireille Ballestrazzi for a four-year term as president of the organization followed. He would at the end of last month to China have traveled. He was previously an important figure in the Chinese Communist Party and deputy minister of Public Security in China.

Resources have, according to The South China Morning Post said to Mix “into France is gone.” He would after arriving in China are held. Interpol has just let you know about the “alleged disappearance” that this is a case of France and China.


Some human rights groups criticized at the time, the appointment of Mix, because his country drukdoende was Chinese abroad to return to China to perform. So said Amnesty International that the people’s Republic of not only fugitive fraudsters, let them pick up and return, but also for political reasons people deliver. Interpol would contribute to the forced repatriation of refugees and dissidents.

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Interpol has always contradicted, and also pointed out that Mix, are not involved in the daily opsporingswerk. That is in Lyon led by the German secretary-general, Jürgen Stock. Interpol is 95 years ago in France arise as to the absent or poor communication between different police forces had to improve. It is now an international criminal organ of 192 member countries.

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