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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – rate analysis week 40 – Listless sideways

Of the total market. The volatility has greatly decreased. A great choice of direction is still in the Top 3 Coins. A glance at the chart pattern does not Bode well.

Bitcoin BTC (BTC/USD)

Since the last Update to the Bitcoin of these showed a variation of 400 US dollars. In the short term, 6.400 US Dollar. From a larger time unit to the 6000 US Dollar mark can be defended. Several times the cloud of the Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator was running and could not be overcome by the Bitcoin. The moving averages emphasize the sideways movement. The scenario of the parent case, the triangle becomes more and more likely. The resolution, which should attract a large movement.

Bullish Version:

It is not a course comes under 5.877 US Dollar. The Bitcoin has enough strength for further price increases, can be a short-term bottom at the current exchange rate level is found. A rate increase of more than 7,200 US dollars overcomes the cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator. At the same time would resolve the case, the end of triangle bullish. This should draw a clear upward movement. The Bitcoin should then be able to quickly reach the 8,000-US-Dollar-brand. The course does not Stop here, the following objectives:

  1. 9.261 US Dollar
  2. 9.726 US Dollar
  3. 11.540 US Dollar

Bearish Version:

The weakness is continuing. The clouds lower edge of the Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator will not be reached again. The course meets again on the 6000 US Dollar mark.

Here is a short-term stabilization. The 5.877 dollars will be undercut. The falling triangle is resolved. The downside targets can be specified:

  1. 5.428 US Dollar
  2. 4.872 US $
  3. 3.929 US Dollar
  4. 3,300 US dollars

Ethereum (ETH/USD)

After the course of high of 255 US dollars Ethereum in a short-term correction is transferred. The buy signal came in at 263 US dollars, and was once again not triggered. Also in this chart, the indecisiveness of the market participants. The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator currently runs between 247 and 325 US dollars and represents a significant resistance. The moving averages also underline here the sideways movement.

Bullish Version:

Ethereum does not fall out of 167 US dollars. An increase of about 263 U.S. dollars confirmed by the soil formation. The indicators to turn bullish. An increase of about 263 U.S. dollars enabled the target price for 338 dollars. The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator is exceeded. Further rate increases about 366 US dollars to enable the upward target is 405 US dollars. The big buy signal fixed is as follows:

Increases in the price of 471 US dollars associated with an upward movement, with the aim of 624 dollars.

Bearish Version:

The short-term Dive in front of the buy signal is established and the weakness of Ethereum compared to the overall market is continuing. The short-term bottom formation will be negated with rates of 167 US dollars. The objective of the course is then up to 129 US dollars.

Ripple (XRP/USD)

After the brilliant rise in Ripple, calm returns to here now. Already last week, it was pointed out that the Ripple needs to create a Daily close above the down trend. This is not managed to Ripple. Currently, the rate is even below the upward trend. The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator, provides support, is currently away but also a good 30 percent from the current rate. The moving averages are but still behind the buy signal.

Bullish Version:

The 0,44-US-Dollar mark will not be undercut. In order for further upside. The upward trend is again recaptured and the price trend overcomes the Downward. This is done by means of the daily closing price. The buy signal above $ 0.75 is triggered. The course objectives are then:

  1. 0.89 US Dollar
  2. 1.15 US dollars
  3. US $ 1.37

Bearish Version:

Ripple falls back under the to 0.44 US dollars. In order for Ripple drops significantly below the 38.2 percent Fibonacci Retracement. The upward movement will be sold-off and Ripple falls back into the cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator. The upper edge of which is $ 0.36. This works in the short term, supportive. In connection Ripple, it falls back to $ 0.31. This is not sufficient as a correction level, the $ 0.24. Rate loss of 0.21 U.S. Dollar, a forward slip to 0.15 U.S. dollars.


The “spectre” in the case of a triangle will be played at the Bitcoin. Even if I pressed long before the idea of””, it is probably now time to summarize this scenario, concrete in the eye. A pattern is a valid resolution of the case, ends of the triangle would pull blatant losses. For the implementation of the resolution will be introduced in the Updates now, more and more. The fact is that Until the middle of December, this can be still played. A breakout should bring sufficient volatility and the overall market significantly and sustainably affect.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

Images on the Basis of data from and at 14:00 on 02. October created. USD/EUR exchange rate at the time of writing: 0.86 Euro.

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