Ben Affleck: addiction is a lifetime battle

“Marshmello is for everyone, and that will never change.”

Now recording in a rehab on it, thank you Ben Affleck family, colleagues and fans for their support in the past period of time. On Instagram let him know that the support him the strength to be open about his problems.

“Any addiction is a lifelong and difficult struggle”, he writes in his post. “For that reason, you are never really finished with a treatment. It is a full-time job. So many people have on social media make their voices heard and on their own verslavingsverleden spoken. Against those people I want to say: thank you.”

The support has helped him in a way he never thought possible, says Ben. “It helps to know that you are not alone. I also have to remind that if you have a problem, it is a sign of courage is to find a solution, not of weakness or failure.”

The actor, who for 40 days in a clinic spent, ends his message with: “I hope that, ultimately, the extent will be, that I can be an example for others who are struggling.”

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