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Belgian Lion Jean Salumu intervenes unexpectedly in addition to ticket for the Champions League

Olympic Fribourg has Sakarya eliminated in the third qualifying round of the Champions League. The Swiss got charred in Turkey.

Belgian Lion and MVP of the previous Belgian competition, Jean Salumu, takes the Turkish Sakarya not to the Champions League part. Sakarya was exempted from the first two preliminary rounds. Monday night saw the Turks as a very good starting position by an 87-85 defeat in the first leg of the third preliminary n Fribourg. They had to be at home so with only three dots to win. Thursday night members of the Turks, however, a heavy 52-76-defeat against the Swiss champions. In the second leg was basisspeler Salumu good for 4 points (1 in 3 tweepunters, 0 to 3 bombs and 2 on 2 vrijworpen), 3 rebounds and no assist.

In the first leg was Salumu the luminary with 27 points (3 of 4 tweepunters, 3 to 5 bombs, 12 to 14 vrijworpen), 6 rebounds and 1 assist.

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