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Woolf University is completely based on Blockchain technology

A Team of Oxford academics has established the world’s first “Blockchain University”. The Woolf University relies completely on the Distributed Ledger technology – the manipulation of secure issuance of certificates on the automation of processes to the management of tuition fees. She advertises in the first place, not with the well-known advantages of the Blockchain technology, but with low cost.

Blockchain and education go well together. This has been proven by numerous universities with their curricula, their personal extension through the academic Blockchain experts and the issuance of certificates. Now the Woolf University, the first University on the Plan, which is based completely on the Blockchain technology. At the beginning of 2019, the first seminars are to start.

Costs and bureaucracy cut costs

According to the Oxford scientists, who are involved in the establishment of the Woolf University, is designed to keep the planned education system, the Study in comparison to traditional universities cheaper. At the same time, teaching to get higher salaries.

Because of the block chain-based data storage, regulatory and management teams are unnecessary, and accordingly, costs are saved. Also the automation of processes of Administration helps to reduce the cost. These savings are intended to benefit both the students and the teachers. While the need to pay a lower tuition fees, the other for higher salaries. “By the way,” this System will ensure that the data of the students, as well as your certificates of Completion are safe and manipulation kept protected.

The software platform of the Woolf University is on your site information about whether a Seminar is held online or on-site, and assigns the students their Credits and the teaching to their salaries. Thus, a large part of the bureaucracy, the slowness and partial inaccuracy is cleared out of the way. Also students from outside the European Union [EU], it will be possible to obtain a recognised EU qualification. Accordingly, it is ambitious, the white paper reads:

“It is our ambition that Woolf is a Revolution without precedent in the history of the University. […] At the core of Woolf allows the oldest and most venerable Form of human formation: direct-on-one personal training in Thinking. Woolf is to make this transformative experience available to all.“

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