VRT does to reporting against payment

Organizations and cultural institutions pay attention on the VRT radio stations. Price: 1.800 to 9.750 euro, write The Latest News and The Morning today. For that last amount of money you get “The Ladies” live on the floor. “This is against all ethical rules,” says the Flemish Association of Journalists. According to the VRT going to be a contribution towards the extra costs of production.

A museum or a theatre company that some extra attention for a new expo or a show, like you can on the VRT questions that ‘Culture Club’ (Radio 1) or ‘Pompidou’ (Klara) in them liveprogramma comes. The public broadcaster is asking this 4,000 euros, exclusive of vat. That is, according to the VRT, the additional cost to directly to send.

It is remarkable that you can buy during the regional programmes on Radio 2. A city or organization may request that a reporter comes along and live position during the morning ‘Start your day’. Before you pay 2,000 euros.

According to VRT-spokesman Hans Van Goethem, this happens for the magazines, of Radio 2, not for the news.

“Our programs maintain their full editorial independence in the selection of these collaborations. They must also ensure that they have a wide variety of organisations do. The external financing is never the unique determining factor in the choice,” he says in the newspaper.

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