USA complain seven Russian spies for hacking

The Us government has seven Russian intelligence officers have been sued. They would have been involved in a global hackingoperatie that antidopingagentschappen and the chemical watchdog OPCW,.

The announcement of the U.s. department of Justice is barely a few hours after the Dutch government announced that the four Russian spies into the country had turned off, after they get them caught on the try hacking the Wi-fi network of the OPCW.

Four of the seven Russian spies the U.s. government now condemns, would have been involved in that cyberattack on the OPCW. In addition, they would also have tried antidopingagentschappen hacking, in an attempt to carry out doping controls on Russian athletes to sabotage. In which different hackingoperaties the data from more than 250 athletes from thirty countries have been stolen. The world anti-doping Agency Wada, but also the American and Canadian antidopingagentschappen were the victim of cyber attacks.

The British laboratory that it zenuwgif examined that the Russian former double agent Sergei Skripal been poisoned, and the British ministry of Foreign Affairs were the target of a cyber attack.

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