Trump shocks more often with his imitations

The American president Donald Trump gets a lot of criticism about him. Last Tuesday, imitated he Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who last week candidate-chief justice Kavanaugh of sexual assault accused in the Senate. But with that imitation was Trump certainly not to his advantage. So shocked he earlier this year with a imitation at an event of the NRA, of the terrorists in the Paris Bataclan toesloegen,

During his election campaign fell Trump often with his way of campaigning. When his large unsecured Hillary Clinton dizzy was during a commemoration of 9/11, he saw his opportunity to be with her watching.


But also as president is Trump is not shy to make an imitation more or less. So he did a few months ago, a bizarre imitation of some Asian government.


Back to his campaign: when he came under heavy fire after he laughed with the handicap of a mindervailde journalist of the New York Times.

Below, you can really let imitation find of doctor Ford.


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